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  • Glen

    April 1, 2021 at 6:46 am
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    Hi, I’m Glen Gottilla and I am a writer. I am looking to work with other writers, artists, inkers (I promise not to bring up Chasing Amy with you, EVER I promise), colorists, letterers, and editors. Over the next few years I am looking to publish a creator own book via crowd funding and then maybe submit it to one of the independent publishers. My favorite genres are Science Fiction and horror. I sort of enjoy fantasy and I tolerate the superhero genre. That said, I am always looking for a challenge.
    I want to work with an artist on the flash fiction part of this anthology, I have been flirting with writing straight up prose and this would be a good opportunity to work on something along those lines. I have an idea involving a T-Rex and stranded space colonists.
    here are two links to some of the projects I have
    This a script I submitted to a creator connection anthology that was put on indefinite hiatus back in the winter of 2019

    This is the detailed pilot outline from the pitch I sent to Oni Press during their open submission call in 2015.