• thesurrealari

    April 10, 2020 at 8:41 am
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    One strategy that I often suggest to my high schools students is the critique burger. When making a critique burger, you sandwich the criticism between praise. You offer three pieces of feedback:

    1. Something praising the piece or an aspect of the piece (I really like how you…)
    2. A piece of constructive criticism (You might want to think about changing X; working on X, etc)
    3. Something else praising the piece or an aspect of the piece.

    This protocol makes it more likely that the criticism will be taken seriously, as you are offering a balance of praise and criticism. It also mitigates against many people’s natural tendencies to critique the negative without praising the positive. A good critique should address both the string and weak aspects of a piece. Studies show that this type of balanced critique is make it more likely that a critique will be listened to and also keeps up people’s moral within the community.