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  • jojabarker

    March 27, 2021 at 11:43 am
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    First off, congratulations to y’all on completing Panel ONE! Looking forward to jumping onto Panel TWO, but as an artist this year. My name is Joel J. Barker and when I first met Buddy & Co. I considered myself to be solely a writer. Yet, after this last year of fiddling around the proverbial sandbox I realized it’s time to really put myself out there! I’m looking to team up for linework only because of my limited technological resources. All my pencils will be analog. Here’s my current portfolio so if there’s anyone still in need of a pair up, and interested to go for a comicstrip feel I hope to be your guy! P.S. I also want to help wherever I can on the backend of this year’s anthology, so don’t hesitate to reach out (I’m willing to learn, even on a steep curve). Kirbyspeed!

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