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  • ASAP

    March 24, 2021 at 9:02 am
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    If you need any help with production work or layout or design, hit me up. I’ve been the one who puts together all of the books for Wayward Raven Media, from coordinating with artists to collect finished artwork, to submitting files to printers or Comixology, to even doing page layouts.

    I’ve also touched up lettering for a particularly well-known letterer without his knowledge because he’s too busy sometimes. Keep this between you and me!

    Also, for my day job, I’m a software engineer and squad lead, so I’m frequently coordinating between project managers, engineers, and other technical folks, so I could help out with project management or technical lead in a pinch. I’m a little out of date on WordPress, but I know enough to hate it and have been running a WordPress webcomic for nearly 9 years now.