• krisburgos

    February 25, 2021 at 10:58 am
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    Thanks Ari!

    I spent a lot of time thinking on that aspect and I have 2 directions to go. As it stands, the backstory will cover the first 2-3 pages, as an action and horror-filled create-a-mystery, followed by a primarily talking heads comic of people at a tavern. Which, granted, sounds boring (I have the details to add more to it) but the focus is the character build of the professor as well as the assassins.

    The variant on the story would be 3 short stories of 3 archaeologists/explorers/zealots throughout the centuries who would get as far as sitting in this exact tavern with the first two getting assassinated while the 3rd (most modern) survives to continue beyond the tavern to seek the truth. I feel this version of the story doesn’t afford a good opportunity for any real character development making the payoff harder because the explorers’ personalities and motivations are what separate them.

    I’ll definitely reach out if I have any questions on the area or region, you’re officially my local guide! Thanks.