• thesurrealari

    April 7, 2020 at 8:26 am
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    So, here’s my initial concept: A day in the life of Mr. Stupendous, a slightly outmoded superhero living in the modern world. The story would consist of episodic vignettes throughout his day, including things like having to change into his costume in a port-a-potty because there are no longer any phonebooths, having to replace his wife’s concealer (which he has been using to cover his bruises from his battles with super-villains, and using his flying power to rush to work when he misses his train, only to get caught in the rain. Each episode would end with him sarcastically saying, “stupendous.”

    The key, I think, is going to be in the plotting. The individual vignettes should work well, as I think the jokes are pretty strong, and I have hopes for this character that extend beyond the challenge, but I will need to figure out how to connect the episodes into an over-arching story that carries through the eight pages. I am thinking of using a “24” style clock to indicate the time of day, but I want to figure out an arc that ties the various episodes together beyond just the fact that they occur in the same day (or even that they are typical of things which take place most days during that time).