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  • krisburgos

    February 11, 2021 at 12:54 am
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    Hey all, my name’s Kris Burgos. I’m a writer and who transitioned from the film & television world to the comic book world.

    I’m the current Creative Editor and Content Conjurer of the publishing label Tales Beyond, where I published my first book Runt last year and will be publishing enhanced editions of the stories I wrote for the previous Comic Book School Anthology, Panel One. Teddies was a return to a story I started several years ago while Ragnarok Come is a new title I designed specifically for the Anthology. Both stories are being continued as their own ongoing series under the Tales label.

    This year, I’m Project Managing the Panel Two anthology for Comic Book School as well as hoping to produce two new stories for the anthology. Feel free to check out my work at or reach out!