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  • mikedoestheart

    February 9, 2021 at 7:19 am

    My turn!Hi, I am Mike Ponce! I am a writer, artist, inker, colorist, letterer & editor(No, really :D).

    I am looking to work with anyone looking for a letterer/editor, as I will be both writing and drawing multiple comics(hopefully!)this round.

    The kinds of stories I like include horror, young adult, sci-fi, comedy, adventure/superhero… something where I can inject my particular style effectively into a story.

    My goal in the next 1-3 years is to self-publish my own comics and create demand for continued comic illustration gigs using some of my styles.

    Here is a link to some of my drawings –

    I’ve attached an image from a Flash Fiction story I illustrated from last year’s Anthology(written by the amazing @thesurrealari )

    I am also a member of the ‘Council of the Willing'(TM) here at CBS providing support as a forum moderator and tech guy — so if any new members are confused or need some guidance on where to post, hit me up!