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  • aesthetic-derelict

    February 9, 2021 at 12:09 am
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    Strange. It seems my reply from earlier was deleted or something. I know I posted it ,because I’m seeing replies, but the post itself has vanished.

    Once again, I’m Bolu Oriowo.

    I work primarily as an artist, though working on my own projects has led me to wear the hats of writer, colorist, letterer and editor.

    I used to greatly prefer superhero stories, though nowadays I greatly enjoy adventure stories with sci-fi, fantasy or horror twists. Anything with that allows a level of dynamic action, emotion and expression.

    I’m hoping to get my next graphic novella written and for some work of mine to be published in the next couple of years, in addition to finishing my animation degree.

    One story that I like to link is my first graphic novel, Letters from Midia. It is something of a love story told primarily through fight scenes, as I like to describe it. It has elements of Jack Kirby style action, Samurai Jack thrills, Legend of Zelda video game logic and worldbuilding, and a hefty dose of Moebius influenced silent comic storytelling.

    It can be found here: