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  • Jeff_Rider

    February 7, 2021 at 10:19 am
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    Hi, I am Jeff Rider. I am a writer and aspiring editor (more on that later.) The kinds of stories I like to read are all over the map when it comes to genre, but I gravitate to grand scale sci-fi, and action-adventure. My goal in the next 1-3 years is to write for Marvel, something with X- in the title. That’s my LIFE goal, I think.

    Here is a link to something that I wrote it’ll be on Kickstarter soon, and then the link will redirect to the page that features the book.

    Here is an image of the cover of Major Holmes and Captain Watson #4, a series I wrote and edited. Since it’s creator-owned (for now) I didn’t have much choice but to handle the editors job, and I like it. I’m hoping to do more of it for other people in the future.


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