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  • mikedoestheart

    January 18, 2021 at 9:45 am
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    Meant to put this up on this thread earlier from an e-mail thread, but life came at me a bit fast this week.

    “If the current forums are built using buddypress as mentioned earlier, than that upgrade process ‘should’ be seamless; nevertheless, I would imagine we could (1) backup the current site to restore it in case of a failure and either (2a)try to install buddyboss on top of the current config and work through the bugs live or (2b) have a concurrent copy of the site that’s not live and try to install and work through the buddyboss install/migration process on that site while the original is up so as to not have any downtime on the site.

    Not sure how you guys handle backups on the site now or who does your hosting, but I’d imagine we should be able to have a test site and debug it from there.”