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    January 12, 2021 at 1:06 am
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    Thanks for setting this up @videogamingtalkblog. Everyone can join us. @mikedoestheart is helping on this as well.

    I reached out to the team at BuddyBoss for some details on 3 questions (bolded below). Here’s what they told me:

    1. Is there a demo version that I can install on my website so I can see how it will look?

    We don’t have the one-click installer in our new BuddyBoss Theme that automatically copies all the content, design, and data of our public demo site. As it is causing a lot of issues as we have experience in the past with our old products that have the one-click installer. Hopefully, it will also be implemented in the future as well.

    In the meantime, please watch the following tutorial to import the default data. This will provide you a dummy data to play with while still working on your website and have the basic foundation of your website similar to what we have on our demo.

    Make your homepage look like the “Online Communities”

    Please watch the following tutorials to set up the menus.

    Video to set up the pages:

    Here you can find all docs:

    Knowledge Base

    BuddyBoss Theme

    BuddyBoss Platform

    Our YouTube channel:

    Feel free to play around with our public demo site:

    2. Is there a free version or is it only the paid version?

    Are you referring to the demo version? If yes, kindly refer to my answers to point 1. Thank you!

    If you are referring to the BuddyBoss platform, we have a free version and a paid version.

    If you need Zoom integration, you will need the paid platform so you can use the feature.
    For more information,you can check it here

    3. If I install this to replace the existing BuddyPress website I have (, will I lose all of my Users and conversation threads?

    No, you will not lose your users and conversation threads if you replace your existing Buddypress website with BuddyBoss.

    By simply activating the BuddyBoss Platform, all the data from BuddyPress will automatically be implemented in the BuddyBoss Platform.

    BuddyBoss Platform is a fork of BuddyPress and is designed to be backward compatible with BuddyPress data and most BuddyPress plugins. If you have been using BuddyPress in the past, you should remove it as this is a full replacement. We have improved almost every aspect of BuddyPress and added many new features

    Since BuddyBoss Platform is a fork and forge of the BuddyPress plugin and bbPress plugin. Any plugin developed for the BuddyPress and bbPress plugin is supported by the BuddyBoss Platform.

    You do NOT need to install the BuddyPress plugin or the bbPress plugin separately. BuddyBoss Platform acts as a replacement for both the plugins.

    For a reference, please check this to see the difference between BuddyBoss and BuddyPress.

    BuddyBoss vs BuddyPress

    You can also check this video You can just ignore the Boss Theme on the video, but it sums up the migration from BuddyPress to the BuddyBoss platform.

    I hope this helps, but please let me know if you need anything else or if you have any other questions.

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