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  • thesurrealari

    December 27, 2020 at 10:49 pm
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    One thing that I think DC has gotten away from is the concept of free-standing stories and miniseries. My favortie DC stories (Must there be a Superman; Batman Year One, etc) where the types of stories you could follow just reading that arc or buying one TBP with minimal background knowledge and no knowledge of what was taking place eslewhere in the DC universe. I think in their recent reboots, they’ve tried to mimic the interconnected Marvel universe too much, and it’s too complicated, time consuming, to follow for most casual fans. This was always one advantage DC had over Marvel when I was growing up. I’ve heard writers like Neil Gaiman talk about it as well. In England, where they coundn’t get full runs, he appreciated that he could pick up a single DC issue and read it, whereas he would be lost in a Marvel issue bc of all the continuity and interconnectedness. I’d like to see them stop with all the reboots and just focus on small (6 issues or so) self-contained character arcs and graphic novels. These would have benefits in other mediums as well, since a self-contained story would be easy to translate into a movie. So, if I was running DC, I would try to get back to their roots and focus on those types of stories. Let Marvel do what they’re better at (their heroes naturally fit in the same world) and focus on what you’re good at–telling stand-alone, character-driven stories.