• jarrod-elvin

    December 1, 2020 at 10:11 am
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    Hi everyone, how’s it going?
    Did everything go well with the video submissions?
    I found this Challenge was a really good experience, in great part because of the community and feedback; which is a very important thing for any new project.
    I was wondering if it’s ok for us to post future WIP comic pages on here to seek feedback from this community? Not in any official capacity, I wouldn’t expect anyone to make any deep commitments with their time, but I thought I should ask if anyone might be interested at taking quick looks at WIP comic pages, even just for the sake of reading exclusive and exciting new comics!
    I’d like to start an ongoing webcomic with the comic title I used for the Challenge.

    I hope you are all going well, and hope you have a wonderful Festive Season!

    Best regards,