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  • evan-scale

    September 18, 2020 at 2:49 pm
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    First, I should say that I struggle with color a lot. Changing my process and approach every time (not that I don’t struggle on other parts of the process). So, I am not sure if everything I say really applies.

    I like the color selections and the variations (the green fluid nuances). Good gradient on the walls as well. Showing the reflective color but subtle enough so it doesn’t affect the narrative.

    I like the strong oranges and reds on the backgrounds. I think it fits the lineart style as well. My only thought would be that some of the dark clothing can become really dark after print (as @philipspace said for jarrodelvin’s pages).

    Your colors are really good. You managed to maintain a vibrant and saturated panel without overdoing it (something I really have trouble with – I am always afraid to push the colors). I don’t really have any suggestions to make it better, but here are some thoughts.
    There are areas that the background seems a bit bright to me (like page7). I think the characters would pop more if the background was a bit darker (or less saturated compared to the characters). But they are still easily distinguishable as it is, so I am not entirely sure it won’t affect it in a negative way. On another note I would use a different color for page8 panel1, for the door’s banging effects. Maybe a soft desaturated yellow to separate them from the door.

    The grayscale additions really help along the readability. I do prefer the strictly black and white look most of the time, but toning seems to always help guide the eye.

    Great virus dimension color choices. Looks really good. Not even sure if it needs that much shading to be honest. There’s a lot happening in each page, so it may be easier to they eye the way it is. I agree with the point @philipspace made about the separation of characters and background. You did it on page 3. The characters are really easy to distinguish. For the following pages (that they are closer to the enemy) doing the same thing would really make them pop (and the effect doesn’t need to be as evident as on page 3)

    Not sure if any of these help in any way, but I hope they do.

    Really glad to be a part of this challenge! Looking forward to everyone’s letters!

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