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  • mikedoestheart

    September 18, 2020 at 12:23 am

    @philipspace – you’re killing it, bud. i like the hand drawn bubbles (i’m a fan of those myself) and back issues is a GREAT font. i don’t think personally that there’s an issue with the spacing in the type. If i can, my only observation on your killer work so far would be concerning the amount of bolded words throughout the comic. It may be the way the file was converted, but it seems like there is at least one bolded word per word bubble — I’m someone who’s done that in the past as well. I remember a published writer telling me that if there are a high amount of bolded words, that it’s intended purpose (to emphasize) becomes diminished because, in effect, now everything is emphasized. It may diminish the impact you intend to have. great stuff either way!