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  • jojabarker

    March 21, 2020 at 2:05 pm
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    How Will This Change Comics
    I believe that the Medium will survive, but how the industry/distribution will change is anyone’s guess–and it will change!

    How Will The Con Exp Change
    …can’t predict, but what I’d like to see is more of separation between Pop Culture and Comics Publication conferences (yes, I chose that word for good reason). Separate circuits supporting each other in different capacities a.k.a. when the focus is on one the other takes a backseat–then again, as I’m writing this out I can see them just merging again. (Kinda tough because we’ve been already having a hard time encouraging those who’d been introduced to the reference material via TV/film to cross over.) My REAL hope is it all gets broken up into more manageable gatherings, “Break up the Banks–um…I mean, the Cons!”

    Will The Content We Create Change
    Always: Art reflects Life reflects Art re… What I am more excited about is to see a continuation of how it’s distributed, published and produced e.g. Webtoons, the scrolling vs swiping vs guided-reading vs print* vs etc.

    *Hope this never, ever, ever…EVER. Goes out of style!

    Will We Choose Different Types of Topics
    I see a continuation of “depends on the author”–on the other hand, might see an influx in sociopolitical topics for the foreseeable future. Now, for myself I can see subtle influences (because the subconscious is a cheeky monkey), yet overall I choose topics based on the message I want to get across.

    Any Positive Coming Out Of It
    For some, especially me a stronger sense of Community.