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  • mikedoestheart

    August 4, 2020 at 12:58 am

    Hey @philipspace – your pencils are so cleaaan! Love them. And what story is complete without a proper pin up cover? I’m working on one myself as well, trying to round everything out. I’m learning a lot by analyzing your panels personally, with regards to spacing and letting things breathe – makes the art speak for itself in an even more profound way.

    Thanks a bunch for writing back regarding the first pages of my pencils — the characters are supposed to be essentially walking in circles and not really getting anywhere, but i do agree that something is a bit off, be it their stances/placement or the panels themselves. I split a panel diagonally but planned on a character’s silhouette being in multiple places for example, something i think better executed in a single panel. Definitely room for improvement. I’m going to toy with rough layout alternatives to see if something sticks. I can get absolutely lost in panel exploration sometimes!