• maryamsmarkers

    June 21, 2020 at 6:05 pm
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    @andresbriano thank you for posting the collaboration agreement. Do any of you know Professor Pooch?
    Who is the man with the legal artist plan?
    (Imagine Shaft music🎶 )

    He sends out amazing newsletters discussing Artist legality, contracts and the likes there of. He was my professor in undergrad. I totally love this man knowledge! I swear he’s great. I asked his to join so hopefully he shall. He also has books on Amazon – check him out and I believe he’s still a Professor.

    I’ll copy and paste his last e-newsletter discussing “Ideas”… of course he has so much information to share. I’ll post more that is relevant. He also works with musicians too. Between now and when he joins I’ll review his newsletters for contract details for those who are collaborating, and for those who want to plan past our 8-page challenge. Always plan for tomorrow with contracts – especially as artist. More so as artist and writers – I’d recommend.