• maryamsmarkers

    June 21, 2020 at 5:17 pm
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    One other thing is using “we” … when critiquing my staff (graphic design/web company) I use “we” when critiquing the projects. Instead of saying “I think you should use a different font.” I’ll say “we should try a different font.”

    When my team is writing sales copy, we used “I” or “You” in our writings to make the e-user feel like they’re having a real discussion.

    However when critiquing I try to use we so it doesn’t sound like an attack – you could do better. You could change the color. Instead I use a “we” environment – team influence terms. Even if I’m criticizing someone that I don’t know I’ll say we from a consumer stand point – “we’d like to see the villain fall and the parachute has a hole rather then the villain getting away. Bruise the villain. Can we see that instead?”