• maryamsmarkers

    June 21, 2020 at 5:09 pm
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    What was I doing during April that I missed all these amazing post! Great advice. “Critique Burger!” makes me hungry and I want to make promotional materials for this one thing! It’s extremely important to use this method – in everything – beyond just our artistry. I recently read to lead with three positives then end with the correction. However now seeing this “PCP” and “Critique Burger” method – I think that’s way better. I’ve used the 3 positives and one last corrections method a lot over my years – I always felt I was pumping up the person to be happy – then I turn into the villain- snatching their smile away. Horrible, right? But I kept doing it so I’m just as bad. Thanks guys and gals for these methods.

    No longer a villain! 😂