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  • john-ashton-golden

    May 25, 2020 at 3:05 am
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    Hey there fellow comics creators!

    When I drafted my plot, I brought my girlfriend (a writer herself, and relatively new fan of comics) in to help me sort out some of the early plot points. In the end, I decided she should be credited as co-plotter. I’ve been swamped with multiple freelance deadlines at the moment, so asked her if she had an interest in following the guidelines for this Comic Book School project and drafting a script based on our plot. She rose to the occasion and did an excellent job! I am definitely going to make another pass and get it to where I want it, but she created some new details for me to chew on, and was a huge help. From there, we’ll discuss and bring it to a final version to begin thumbnailing from. Third time’s a charm!

    Second draft coming soon!