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One page of text + one illustration = one awesome story–Welcome to the Comic Book School Creator Connections, Panel 1 Flash Fiction Page.

What is flash fiction: Flash Fiction, is just a very short story, one that takes but a few moments to read. It is a genre that perhaps best exemplifies Edgar Alan Poe’s unity of effect, as the writer is challenged to create a complete story in just a few words. When done well, Flash packs a powerful punch, and many famous writers, including Franz Kafka, Neil Gaiman, Kristen Arnet, and Virginia Woolf, have penned masterpieces of the genre. As William Shakespeare wrote, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

What makes the Comic Book School Flash Fiction challenge different: Our stories pair a writer and an artist to tell a story in one page of text (approximately 500 words) and one full-page illustration. The writer and artist collaborate throughout the process to create a unified piece which transcends each’s individual work.

Check out the flash fiction selections from Panel 1 below, and join the second Flash Fiction Challenge, which starts April 6th, on the Comic Book School Forums.


Flash Fiction in Creator Connections: Panel One



The Comic Book School Flash Fiction Editor is @thesurrealari .

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