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      What forum sections do we need? We should start small, so we don’t spread the conversation out to thin.

      Ideas? Suggestions? Absolute must haves?

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      A. A. Rubin

      Creator Connection would be nice, maybe two, one general, and one specifically for the 8-page challenge.

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      This is what I’m hoping for:

      1.An Intro Channel:
      – A welcome board where all the relevant information is for new people, who we are a a community, what our goals are and how we plan to do this.
      – As well as community updates (not events, or the like) but more info about schedules, Google hangouts, and the type of calls we have now.
      – An introduce your self to the community space (as needed).

      2. A learning Channel:
      – This would have a board for questions for experts, and each other about making comics.
      – Also a place to post suggestions and gather info like books, links, and “I learned this great new thing I wanted to share!” type stuff.

      3. The 8 page challenage / Any other community challenages

      4. Events, Calendars, and Cons:
      – I think these should be grouped together for meet-ups, con’s and release parties when we get our community working.
      – Also we could put our calendar/schedule for online regroups and upcoming “Video Interviews w/ Experts” and simliar online events in this section.

      5. Promotions and job boards: (future stuff.. agreements should be made between individuals not in the forums but requests and offers could gather here?
      – I don’t think we should allow anything on this job board that will leave us liable but we should be promoting getting like minded individuals together to make great comics.
      – Also self promotion, to shout our own accomplishments and share our work with the community (outside the challenage).
      – I will leave it open to the group if we want a place where we can ask for professional or community critic.. Maybe that should be in Learning? Thoughts?

      6. Tech Support – I leave the details in Kevin’s hands πŸ˜›

      I will leave it to the desgression of the group what we need most when.. ?

      Erin (AKA Redheadeded)

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      Creators Section for creators to talk about what they are Creating

      Crowdfunding section- which I will off Indie Advocates support with

      Con Appearances- which I will off Indie Advocates support with

      Creator Panels Videos and Pod Casts

      and the Council of the willing is erroring out

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      Hey Rob,

      What do you mean by “and the Council of the willing is erroring out” Curious. πŸ™‚

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      James McGill

      How about a writing section where people can post short stories or scripts that people want critiqued? It would be a good place for an artist to find a writer who has a style they think would go well with their art. Also a place where people can post original art for writers to peruse in the search for an artist.

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      Matthew Timpanelli

      I suggest someone create a discord server or to join with an existing comic creator discord group. Forums are limited in what they can do and they take longer for the back and forth. The forum would still be crucial but I feel a chat server could provide better communication.

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      Matthew, we do have a couple other Comic Book School ‘outlet’ (s) I guess you’d call them..? but for now we are working to make this site and forum the base of operations for the Comic Book School Community and the 8-page Challenage. I wanted to be sure to respond to you because the ‘Counsil of the Willing’ did try out Discord and several other chat based options (we tried slack, twitch and others before settling on this forum type communication).

      Over the next several years we are looking to branch out into video and other chat based areas but we don’t currently have the organized manpower to run the forums AND other sites. Hopefully by the end of this first challenage we’ll have a better idea of our community needs and capabilties to be able to have these other options.

      Is there something about the Discord type communication specifically you’d like to see better managed on this site? What is it you feel that has that this is lacking?

      Thanks, for your feedback. πŸ™‚
      Erin (AKA the Redheadeded)

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      Matthew Timpanelli

      @redheadeded Thanks for responding. I wasn’t aware that you have tried those other platforms. My apologies. I understand one of the challenges is getting everyone to adopt it.

      I just prefer the way discord is set up because you can use it on mobile or desktop, see who is online, receive push notifications and have more real time communication which is better for collaboration. Forums tend to have a lag time associated with it.

      My main challenge with this forum is that it is hard to navigate it. I think that can be easily solved if a newsletter was sent out with links to the forum posts of importance for the week.

      I really appreciate all the hard work and you and the counsil are doing a great job.

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      To clarify Twitch is not a message board, Twitch is for live streaming and that is something that the Tech Council did look into using twitch for live streaming our pro creator talks but as of right now we have not expanded on that option as of yet. I do like the idea of sending a newsletter out but if you subscribe to the forums on WordPress you get to see responses to the post. We don’t want to overload the community with emails when they are already receiving so many emails from other ventures

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