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      if you need more clarification on what the videos need to be, please email me at and we can set up a time to video chat. Or you can comment below on this thread and I will reply as fast as I can.
      1. Intro to each story.
      Quick videos about 20-30 seconds that describes what their story is in the anthology. These will be cued up and ready to play for our livestream. I will introduce the story, we will play the video, and everyone will see it at same time. It would be helpful if they were all produced the same way. We don’t need any fancy edits. We just want them all to be pretty short.

      1. Video about learning.
        This was a learning experience for a lot of people. I’d like to get a 20 second video for each story. There are multiple people on each story, so they should nominate one person. Same as the Intro videos, it should be quick. We will show these through the livestream.

      2. Longer videos for Youtube.
        Each team should also make a 1-2 minute video about their story. If they want to include additional people, that’s up to them. Those will not be livestreamed. We will put them on the YouTube channel. I would like to use the CBS YouTube channel to promote our contributors.

      3. Video trailer.
        We need a trailer to help promote the anthology. This will also go on YouTube. If it is ready in time, we will show it on the livestream. This should be about 1 minute or less.

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      Hey Kevin,

      This is awesome.

      Let me know if you need any help on the post side. I’ll see you in the next meeting.

      Erin, the Redheadeded

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      Hey Erin, thanks, this was all Buddy’s notes, I just posted it but I’ll know more after tomorrow’s nights meeting and at this point, I’ll use the notes from discord too. But I’ll change the post after tomorrow when I get input from everyone.

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      This is a good opportunity for people to promote themselves by leveraging the Comic Book School platform. It’s a way of increasing your visibility and attention to your creations. I hope people take advantage of the opportunity.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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