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      A. A. Rubin

      Hi all, I saw that NYCC pro registration is now open. I know that NYCC is notorious difficult/finicky when it comes to approving pro badges. If anyone has any tips about how to fill out the application, including what to write in the “reason for attending” field (The others seem to be what they are–your website, publications, references are what they are at this point in the year) please share them here.

      Thank you

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      Joel Barker

      In the past for “reason for attending” I mentioned about networking opportunities, gaining new skills from interacting with pros, and having a better understanding about the industry.

      C2E2 2017
      “As a writer to share ideas, ask advice, strengthen connections, and discover new collaborators.”

      NYCC 2017
      “Continue a dialogue between new and established Comics industry professionals to better familiarize and keep current with storytelling techniques and market strategies. Also, as a writer to create and build Creative Team(s) to establish and maintain new and on-going projects.”

      (…pardon if the “blockquote(s)” weren’t successful…)

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      I had a pro badge last year and I mentioned something similar to Joel. I said that I was working in an sister industry in advertising and was looking for networking opportunies to better understand the culture and how it is related to commercial advertising, but also I was looking for new creative industry to become a part of and I didn’t seem to have any issue getting one?

      Erin (AKA Redheadeded)

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      It’s gotten a lot harder, even for fan press. In the early days, it was easy for pros and journalists to get the badges they needed to represent at NYCC. The con is so crowded with mainstream journalists, it’s really hard for the fan press.

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      A. A. Rubin

      Thank you for the information. I know many creators who are frustrated by the seemingly arbitrary process, especially for indie creators over the last couple of years.

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      Andy Seabert

      I’ve always applied as an educator (public school teacher) and have received approval every time. If you’re doing any education work, that might be a good way to go. I submitted my request last night for this year. I’ll update when I hear something.

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      A. A. Rubin

      @andy: That’s an interesting idea. I am a public school teacher as well, but I’m on childcare leave. Do you think they’d approve me for an educator pass anyway? I could claim that being on leave allows me to attend educational panels on Thursday/Friday when I’d otherwise be working.

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      Andy Seabert

      I don’t even think you need to tell them that, I’ve always just considered it Professional Development. The questions they ask in the badge request are basically looking for what your goals at NYCC are and how you’d integrate them into your lessons, learning experiences, connections with professionals who might be able to connect with your students, etc. I’ve always been approved when I’ve done it. I don’t want to guarantee anything, since the con has changed over the past few years, but I’ve found that NYCC has always treated educators respectfully and tried to support them. I miss when the badges were free though. Good Luck!

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      Kyle Rose

      Hey @thesurrealari I’ve managed to get a pro badge for the last 3 or 4 years. I normally gear my answers to wanting to go to network and attending pro-development panels. I refer to it as a ‘crash course in comic development.’ I think it’s also really helpful to have an active website of some sort to show the work you have done or are in the process of doing. Having active social media channels help too. Lastly, they ask for your linked-in profile. I have revised mine to include my comic work as part of my current job because it technically is. If you have any other specific questions LMK.

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