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      Hi. Tell us about yourself!

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      Hi. It’s me, Buddy Scalera. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the Main Forum.

      I’m happy to see you here.

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      I am Mr. AnderSiN the INDIE ADVOCATE and INDIE DEVIL. I can help Creators get eyes on their work with the Global Digital Comic Con know as we do forecasts and Crowdfunding Report. As a Creator I create books about Fetish, Monster and More find out more at

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      Hello Everyone,
      My name is Kevin, I am the resident tech expert here and I am a horseback rider from NYC and prior to joining the Council of the Willing I was a manager of Carmine Street Comics in NYC for 5 years before I stepped down to pursue horseback riding full time. If you need any help with technology I am here to help.

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      Arielle Lupkin

      Hi Guys,
      I’m Arielle. I am Intern 1 for the Comic Book School and I also do art. I went to the School of Visual Arts to get a BFA in animation, and shortly after graduating, I started working for Buddy. I have the ability to draw in any style when presented with a reference, but I mostly draw in an anime/manga-esque style for my personal stuff. When I am not drawing, I walk dogs. You can find my art at

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      Do Interviews,

      Art of the Day,

      A HOME for Creators

      We Are a FREE SITE


      We Promote Cosplay as a Thank you for Bringing Characters to life 

      We are a place for positivity and therefore we do not post negative articles about creators nor do we post reviews for comics that have quality issues. We privately tell the creators of the issues we find and offer help if they need or want it.  We are by any means better than anyone else. But we also aren’t going to give a false review to help a creator sell a book that has problems, that would be wrong to do to the readers. 

      We HELP with


      Name Recognition,

      Promotion of Comics,


      We run ads you made for at no cost, and it’s really INDIE ADVOCATES simple all you have to do is tag Mr. Andersin or hit up our FACEBOOK GROUP on a post you want to be shared on INDIE ADVOCATES and we will get it here.

       SO What Are We? 


       How can we help you?

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      My name is George. I’m from Charlotte, NC, and I was able to connect with the Council of the Willing after attending NYCC last year. I write my own comics and have published them on Amazon. You can download them for free on my website at

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      Joel Barker

      Hello y’all, I’m Joel Barker (formally known as J. Jacob)!

      I was a co-founder of Creator After Con Network, but stepped down to assume my role as Domestic Operations Manager a.k.a. stay-at-home dad i.e. househusband. To keep up with making comics I draw and write daily, posting my illustration progress on Instagram and Twitter [at]jojabarker. I look forward to supporting each other as a member of the Council of the Willing!

      Currently a Queens resident* allowed to live with a smarty-pants spouse i.e. the breadwinner, 5 yo Lego/StarWars obsessed son, (soon-to-be) 4 yo mud-pie-baking-while-in-a-tutu daughter, a cat named McCoy, a dog named Boston, and a sansevieria named Pete. In April I’ll be a Devil of NJ!

      *moving sucks

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      Jeff Rider

      Hey Y’all, I’m Jeff Rider, writer and publisher at Cloudwrangler Comics. I’m currently writing the (Independent Creator Award winning) series “The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast” with Davide Puppo, “Major Holmes & Captain Watson” with Ismael Canales, the mini-series “Gravity Matters” with Sean Dillon, and the upcoming anthology “MAKE SH*T: How one writer got off his A$$ and into Comics.”

      Currently settling into my new role as “Florida Man” having moved to Orlando from SF. It’s warmer here.

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      Hi everyone, I’m Maryam from Philly, PA! A wonderful graphic designer, the light-weight web developer, and illustrator! I can be quite fancy with my paint brush! Founder of – Ads & Arts – a family ran arts and marketing company, with my 13 year old Sonic and technology obsessed son and my award winning, sales practicing, snippie brother. It’s fun, really. Currently I am having a good run of art commissions so I’ve been a bit busy. Thankful about that, we all know it can change in a bat of an eye so I’m taking advantage while I can! I double as a math teacher -some days -but my heart and hands are in these paints, pencils and keyboards. I am currently writing my comic web series – “Chemically Unbalanced” or “CU” and ebook on Advertising sells practices. Store coming soon:

      As a hobby, I organize meetup groups with the help of several of my friends – – and blog on trending topics while watching TV.

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      A. A. Rubin

      What’s up, people?

      I write in many genres, including comics, under the name A. A. Rubin. I also edit and coach writing.

      You can reach me through my website/blog at or on social media as @TheSurrealAri.

      I am a NYC high school English teacher for my day job, but I’m on my second year of childcare leave currently, so I’m in a similar boat as Joel.

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      OK, Hello everyone!

      I am Erin (AKA Redheadeded -because I’m redheaded and my initals are ed), I’m in Dallas, so Central Time. I am happy to be in this comic book loving community! See ya ’round the internet.

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      David Shear

      Hey Everyone! My name Is David! I go by WolfShearArt online. I’m an Art teacher who loves to make cartoony illustrations and the occasional comic here and there. I’m trying to get more into making comics again.

      My Instagram is where you’ll see all my art:

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      Hey everyone,

      Great meeting tonight. I’m trying to be better about using the forum. A little background about me: I’m a professional graphic designer in southern Indiana. I’ve been doing this for about 15 years and have worked traditionally in print. I’ve been doing design work for Buddy for about 2 years now. i also draw. I’m moving my website to Adobe
      Portfolio and have not got the template figured out yet but it does have some of my book covers in there. or facebook search Grant Shorter Art & Design. I’m also on DeviantArt (if anyone still uses that anymore), I’m Instagram as well: @grantshorterart

      I look forward to helping any way i can moving forward

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      Jarrod Elvin

      Hello, my name is Jarrod. I have been making my own original comics and art for many years. Thank you for the email about this challenge, I am very interested to participate. May I please be added to the calendar and given an invite to participate? I’m not too familiar with WordPress or forums, so please forgive me if I have made an error. Please check out my work at
      Thank you!

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      Andy Seabert

      Hey Everyone, very excited to join up and see so many creators, some that I know, and many I don’t. I’m looking forward to getting to know many more of you, and getting the opportunity to see your creativity in action. I’m a Artist, Art Educator, and some time creative partner to Buddy (we met at NYCC during Buddy’s panels). We created “Mid-Life Crisis together, and I’ll have issue 3 finished soon. Feel free to check out my art at my website and my Insta at


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      Maja Opacic

      Hi, my name is Maja (Maya). I’m an artist and comic book colorist. I started coloring a few years ago and I hope to do that as a full time job 🙂 My Instagram page is

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      Kyle Rose

      Hey Everyone,

      I’m Kyle. I’m a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and a member of The Comic Book School’s Council of the Willing (thank you to Buddy for asking me to be involved). I already know some of you and I look forward to getting to know the rest. I mostly do webcomics and self-published mini-comics. I also co-edit an ongoing biannual comic anthology called Emanata. You can read the entirety of my first webcomic The Working Stiff at And my new webcomic “Sufficiently Indistinguishable” will be launching shortly. My other work can be found at

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      James McGill


      My name is James McGill. I am an introverted hard worker. I have problems volunteering for things, so if you would like help, just ask me directly. I will most certainly say yes…within reason. I have three degrees: AAS in Graphic Design, AAS in Web Design, BS in Marketing, and I am a certified digital photographer. I also have a writing web site that I am slowly getting into the habit of updating. I look forward to getting to know everyone.

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      Evan Scale

      Hi everyone.
      I’m Evan Scale. I live in Greece (I use Evan Scale as an online name to make it easier to remember). I work as a comic artist and illustrator.
      You can find my work at
      Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

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      Hi All! I’m Victor Dandridge, the ‘Hardest Working Man in Comics!’ I’ve been self-publishing, through my imprint, Vantage:Inhouse Productions since 2010, and a feature on the comic convention circuit as a panelist, celebrity moderator, and event host. I’m also the co-host of the hit comic book review series, Black, White & Read All Over, as well as the top rated podcast, Hall of Justice.

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      Matthew Timpanelli

      I am Matthew aka psysci and I have been working as a digital designer (UX/UI Design) for advertising agencies for the last 7 years. I have been slowly gathering my knowledge of comic book creation and am ready to get started. I write and illustrate but am terrible at coloring.

      I used to create conceptual albums and monthly projects with a free netlabel I helped run called soulseekrecords. We once got a decent review in The Wire (UK) magazine for something called the One Minute Massacre. soulseek records discogs

      I was then hired by the filesharing application soulseek to help create and run a record label for them officially. I did that for a few years, got to travel, meet lots of people etc… One really notable thing we did was have a remix contest which got tons of submissions. slsk records discogs

      In 2008, I was a part of a group art show associated with Toy Tokyo where I displayed three paintings of mine. Other than that I’ve been doing random things artistically, building my knowledge and formulating plans.

      You can see a bit more at

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      Hi I’m zammap and I’m a freelance illustrator. Only in the past two years have I finally been able to work on some serious personal projects since I became a stay at home mom. It’s very hard for me since I normally tried to go for paying jobs rather than doing what I want. My recent claim to fame is a major update to a project called MandoMaker that I had started ten years ago (which involves lots of coding and not much drawing). Otherwise I just like to draw out concepts and ideas that come to me and try to develop my style(s). I used to try to focus a lot on comics for over the past decade but now that I have time I’ve been trying my hand at animation (which is fitting for someone who is all over the place with style)! I think the only real professional thing I’ve done is work on some card game illustrations, cover art and logos for a game company called Nine Kingdoms.

      I’ve been to Buddy’s creator connection panels in the past at NYCC but never made any connections (even though I was a good girl and emailed everyone I met!) but I think this forum is doing a far better job at getting everyone to talk to each other! A few years ago (2015) my drawing was featured on the NYCC banner as part of their contest and got free tickets (which I gave to my friend since I already have pro passes lol)

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