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      All, We are getting close to the big day! Webcast is Dec 29. 
      Are you excited? I’m excited! 😀

      I think we’ll need to do the following:

    • Place all videos into the Google Drive that we’ve been using for production
    • Upload each video on YouTube
    • We can use the videos on the Google Drive to play during the live webcast. `

      And we can point people to the videos on YouTube after the event. Sound like a plan?


      , @videogamingtalkblog @redheadeded @indiedevil @thesurrealari

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    Sounds good to me, I already have a folder made for the video submissions on my google drive so I can give everyone who needs access, access before Tuesday’s live stream

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    Great, @videogamingtalkblog. I would give access to everyone I tagged on the thread. Erin, Ari, Rob, Arielle, and me.

    We will probably need to pay the videos from our computer. I don’t think we can stream YouTube.

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    A. A. Rubin

    If I remember correctly, @buddyscalera, you had wanted me to livetweet the livestream from the CBS twitter. Can you send me the login when you get a chance?

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    I will add Rob and you to the email thread. let me just get to my computer and I can do it from there.

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    I just added you and rob to the folder @buddyscalera let me know if you can access everything

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    Okay, @videogamingtalkblog, I was able to download. I can see the videos and have clicked a few to see that they play.

    That said, I will watch them live during the webcast, so I can enjoy them with the community watching the show.

    Very excited. Thank you so much.

    It looks like you guys created a video with all of the videos together too. SUPER COOL!

  • Viewing 6 reply threads
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