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      This is the post about how to submit your art. The specs are:

      6.625″ x10.25″ no bleed 
      6.875″ x 10.50″ with full bleed
      300 dpi
      RGB color space
      All pages combined in single PDF

      There are additional details about how to submit the pages in this post:

      How to Submit Art for Your 8-Page Comic Story | #8PgChallenge – Step 12

      How to Submit Production Art for Your 8-Page Comic Story | #8PgChallenge – Step 12

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      Question, since this is going to publication (and that’s when things can get thorny); I appreciate the care and work put into organizing this endeavor, and I have every confidence in the good faith of the administrators desire to protect the creators involved. Has there been given any consideration to release of ownership contracts for the protection of the creators?

      Say that there’s a young Eastman and Laird type collaboration that gets published, and they go on to make their creation a success through self-publishing, licensing, etc. This may or may not happen, but it’s fair to say that it could, as it has in the past. What legal protection would they have for their creations?

      I understand that this is a complex subject, but I feel that it would be prudent to address it now, rather than wait for something to potentially blow up later. A number of the creators have expressed an interest in carrying their work forward, and they should have some kind of good-faith agreement in place before anything goes to print, for their protection as well as the publishers.

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        It’s a fair question @philipspace. Right now, we’re just going publish the stories with the copyright information that the creative teams submit to us.

        The characters, story, and art will remain under the copyright you provide. You will be granting Comic Book School the rights to publish it in this anthology. After that, you can publish it anywhere else you want.

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        If it helps, here is the link to the copyright office. You can discuss with your creative team what is best for your filing needs. Check out the portal, they have list of information. https://www.copyright.gov/registration/
        I know we are all down to the last hour but if you feel like you are still uncertain, use the Volunteer Lawyers of the Arts are an resource to ask questions. The Volunteer Lawyers of the Arts are really free too, Pro-Bono. They have an office in I believe state so do your research on which location is closest to you. I’ve used them in the past and have had them come out as guest speakers.
        Here’s some links:
        Phila: https://pvla.org/
        New York: https://vlany.org/
        NATIONAL DIRECTORY: https://vlany.org/national-directory-of-volunteer-lawyers-for-the-arts/

        Found that last… that should help. It’s always great to protect your creations. And it doesn’t cost a lot – under $50 bucks.

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      Matthew Timpanelli

      It was mentioned briefly during the last call that there may be a splash page for a cover of each story followed by a page of credits. Is this still the plan? Right now I have credits in my first page (see below) If credits will have their own page I will be removing those.

      I will need to do some resizing so that it will fit the guidelines.

      Are there any other tips from the group about best practices when formatting files, exporting files, etc…???

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      Having your credits on the credits page and on the art page is actually a good idea, @psy-sci. That means you can be part of the anthology AND you can put the story in another anthology, if you’d like. It’s all self-contained for you.

      Regarding the sizing, just do your best. You can usually fit art by increasing the canvas size in Photoshop. Don’t worry if there’s a bit of space trapped in the tops or sides. That’s common in anthologies.

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      Here’s a handy spec sheet for your submission. Created by @shorterg

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      Kris Burgos

      Hey quick question: I know that some printers want double page splashes to be put together on a single PDF file, for example Ka-blam has a page format that’s slightly different than their regular page format. Should we follow that kind of formatting, or should we break up the pages for this anthology purpose? I have no issue with either, I just want to make this as easy as possible for you. I believe my story with JP Vilchis is the only one with a double page splash, so it might only apply to us. Thanks

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      I suggest you submit it both ways @krisburgos and send to me. Let’s see what it looks like. I’m going to assume that it will only work as two separate pages, but let’s see what it looks like.

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      Hey all, thank you for submitting your files! I have a whole bunch of files to review tomorrow.

      If I received your file, I sent you a confirmation email. If you sent something to me, but did NOT receive a confirmation from me, please let me know here.

      I will create a list by Tuesday and post here.

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      Hey @buddyscalera! In the original announcement for the 8-page challenge, you mentioned that you were planning a panel at NYCC to announce the anthology as well as a other items with regards to Comic Book School. Is that still the plan? I was looking for the panel on the schedule but wasn’t able to identify it. Thanks for any clarity you can provide!

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