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      Hey All,

      So we don’t have all the rules written down just yet, but this will be a board for individuals to team up.
      – Please be clear about what you are offering, and what you can commit to. Also remember this is a challenage with and between community members, not a job, we are here to learn and make friends. So let’s keep it on good terms! 🙂

      –Post here if you need help in a certain area, or if you are offering help in certain areas.–

      This is part of the 8 page challenage, not a job board, if you are looking to pay or get paid we will have a different board for that.

      Let me know if you have any questions!
      Erin (AKA Redheadeded)

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      oh thank goodness I was starting to panic because I didn’t know any stories to do. But if I can team up with a writer who has something I can totally work with them. I’m an artist and ideally I would like to work with a few other artists split the work since I don’t have much time to work on this. My strength is inking I also enjoy lettering but I can do pretty much any art stuff like coloring and penciling and even lay out.

      You can find my work at http://www.zammap.com

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      Todd Matthy

      Hi, everybody. I’m Todd Matthy and I’m the writer/creator of Robots vs. Princesses from Dynamite Comics. I’m looking to work with an artist on this project so feel free to let me know if you’re interested and tell what type of stories you’d like to draw.

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      Unrelated but I noticed this forum is posting people’s actual date and time from their end XD

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      K S

      I have zero professional experience but would be interested to try illustrating if a writer in a similar boat has a script they want drawn.

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      I’m interested in being part of this. I’m a writer, but I am also interested in lettering. I can provide examples for anyone who wants to see them.

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      David Shear

      Hello Everyone. I have no professional comic experience but I’m an artist looking to team up with a writer. here is my Artist’s Website: davidshearartist.com you can view my work there!

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      Rakeem Nelson

      Hey guys! very excited to see so many people writing in this forum. I’m a writer who loves slice of life, sci-fi, and fantasy. I’m looking for a full team, but would love to hear the types of stories you guys are passionate about working on.

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      Andrés Briano

      Hey all, (and specially artists out there),
      My name is Andrés and I am a writer (with a day-job, of course). I’ve written for screen and have been focusing on comics for the last 5 years. So far I have 3 things published. I’ve got a bunch of short scripts in a (virtual) drawer. I have no idea what the guidelines here are or will be. But I am also up for writing something specially for this. If you reach out to me, I’m happy to share some of my work.

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      KM Law

      Hey i’m a writer who has been featured in a few other anthologies. I’ve got two scripts already written, or would love to flesh out a story with an artist. Contact me at kingrex929@gmail.com

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      I am a writer with published comics on Amazon. For this challenge, I’ve written a script for a new idea of mine and I’m looking for an artist. You can find my comics on my website: https://desertfoxcomic.weebly.com/issues.html

      and if you’re an artist looking for a writer to work with email me at thedesertfoxcomic@gmail.com

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      Doug Wood

      Hello, I am Doug Wood. I spent the last year writing 1-5 page short stories and now I am looking to expand my portfolio to longer pieces. My portfolio: https://dougawood.artstation.com/ If you are interested. Please email me at doug.a.wood2@gmail.com. I can also help flat and letter, if needed.

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      Kevin D. Lintz

      Greetings all,
      My name is Kevin Lintz and I am comic book letterer. You can see my portfolio at http://www.lintzlettering.com.

      My biggest project has been my creator-owned comic, Team SLUG. We have six issues, a webcomic, activity books, and more. I have also lettered numerous projects for Comics Experience members.

      I am interested in collaborating with other creators to make awesome comics!

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      Kris Burgos

      Hey everybody,
      I’m a writer in need of artist!

      I’ve done 3 collaborative comics along with several film/TV ventures both on my own and in collaboration. I’ll write anything from sci-fi & fantasy to adventure & horror. I’m an idea machine looking for a way to get more stories out there and more experience under my belt and this challenge is a good way of fulfilling both, so any artists want to reach out, please do!!
      Check out my website to see what I do…

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      Hi, my name is Matthew Kayal and I have been writing comics for years focusing on self published short stories. Past couple years I’ve been working with the comic Jam, Comic jam. I’ve also been going to Buddy’s nycc creators connection panel for years. I’m in need of an artist. I can be reached at doublebarreltheatre1@yahoo.com Good luck to everyone.

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      Maja Opacic

      Hi my name is Maja (Maya) and I’m a comic book colorist. You can see my portfolio here: https://majaopacic.com/comic-coloring There’s a button for my Instagram account too.


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      Matthew Timpanelli

      Hi Im looking for help in any way shape or form. I need feedback for my Story Idea that i submitted today.
      I have the ability to do it all myself but anyone who is interested in helping out would be great. I am sure there are others who can do it better than I can as I am really still amateur as a comic book illustrator, writer, etc…

      hmu psysci@gmail.com or check out http://studioavant.com

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      Hey Guys!

      I’d like to point out we have a lot of people posting to this thread. Please if you post do try to follow up with others who have already posted. Writers and Artist alike. That way it’s not just a thread of open ended inquires, but a place where people can follow up with each other.

      Also for the rest of us to help out, if you do team up with someone (in this thread or outside it) please let us know who you are teaming with! We are happy to hear of people makeing new friends in the community and helping each other out! And it helps others to know who is still available!

      Erin (AKA the Redheadeded)

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      Are you looking for critic? or a team member to help you with the whole challenage?

      Erin (AKA the Redheadeded)

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      Maja Opacic

      Hi Todd, if you need a colorist I would be interested in collaborating. You can see some of my work here: https://majaopacic.com/comic-coloring

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      Andrés Briano

      I already have an artist. His name is Gastón Genser and I don’t believe that he has signed up for the forum yet. I knew him from before.


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      I just want to offer my services if anyone would like help with character designs, storytelling or layouts. Feel free to PM me.

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      Matthew Timpanelli

      @Redheadeded I meant help with art. I found someone last night though.

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      Hi all. I have no professional experience to speak of but am interested in teaming with an artist. Either with the story I posted for the 8 Page challenge or another if they are interested in having me pitch them on ideas.

      Thank you!

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      Hey everyone, I’m an artist and digital marketer. Feel free to check out my artwork and if any writers want to reach out to collaborate – please do. Talk soon…


      For this project, I’m interested to have a couple people read over what I’ve written to gain feedback. Let me know if you are interested – email maryamsmarkwebbed@gmail.com

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      Todd Matthy

      Hi everybody,

      I’m Todd Matthy and I’m the writer of Robots vs. Princesses from Dynamite. I’m still looking for a penciller/inker/colorist to draw one of my stories. Please DM or email todd.matthy@gmail.com with samples if you want to work together.

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      @Matthew Glad to Hear it!

      Erin (AKA the Redheadeded)

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      @maryamsmark I’m interested in collaborating with you. My email is thedesertfoxcomic@gmail.com.

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      I’m willing to collaborate with multiple artists. @zammap? @philipspace?

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      I’m super late to the 8-page challenge, but I’m willing to burn the candle at both ends with a write who wants to give it a go! You can check out my work at mikedoesart.com or on instagram @mikedoestheart. Would really like a good challenge. If you’re interested, you can e-mail me at mikedoestheart@gmail.com.

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