Reply To: #8PgChallenge – STEP 4 – Character Design Sheets

Jarrod Elvin

@Kris Burgos Thank you very much! -The style of the concept pictures (the other picture in my post) is pretty much the style I will be using for my comic. Much more cartoony with flat colors and shading.
Here are some other pictures I have done in the past of four of my characters that will feature in the comic, which represents the style I will use. Although I would like to develop it more with more concept work, mainly on cartoony expression and proportion.

Thanks for pointing out the Thanos Imperative. I checked it out and it’s a great story! There are a few similarities to my story, but thankfully I don’t think it’s too close to the mark. I was a bit worried when you first mentioned it haha!

Thanks again for your thoughtful and encouraging feedback! Most appreciated!

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