Reply To: #8PgChallenge – STEP 4 – Character Design Sheets

Jarrod Elvin

Hi everyone,
For my comic, I am using pre-existing characters of mine and I will be the artist.
Here is a picture of my seven main characters. This picture was made before this challenge, and it is not in the visual style in which I will do my comic.
Also, here is a picture of some concept art and style guide that I did make for this challenge to explore my ideas However, I made it before I saw the guidelines for this step so it is not in the correct format.
As I mentioned, I am the artist, and these characters are my own creation, so I know them front to back. It seems extraneous to provide character sheets for myself, but for the purposes of this challenge, I will do so. It appears I have a bit of work ahead of me!
Hope you like!

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