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Hi all. The 8 page breakdown I was thinking for the Bron-the-Lucky script.

Page 1 – Establishing shot of approaching the cursed monastery by ship. Use captions to explain set up.
Page 2 – Introduce Bron and Mad Baron characters, as well as Bron’s Chance Pendant
Page 3 – Enter the Monastery, meet the Monks, they question the Baron appearing alone
Page 4 – Baron explains gambit, the Monks assent, Bron is accepted as a sacrifice instead
Page 5 – Bron, lead to the altar, trips over a catch in the carpet and knocks a candelabra over. carpet and curtains catch fire.
Page 6 – The Cursed Monks turn into Monsters and attack The Baron and Bron. Bron resists, and the Mad Baron flee
Page 7 – The Mad Baron attempt to escape. Bron and the Baron struggle Bron knocks the Baron back, burning rafters collapse on the Baron killing him.
Page 8 – Bron scrambles back to the ship and sets off, the glowing embers of the burning monastery in the background.

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