Reply To: #8PgChallenge – STEP 4 – Character Design Sheets


I take a bit of a “blue sky” approach when doing character designs for myself. I guess it gives me a bit of time to discover a character’s range of emotion on the go. The leads for this story, I’d already designed for an old #Inktober challenge. They are Kip Kerstromm, a clever yet easily overwhelmed space explorer and Vanessa Variable, his hyper-competent partner.

Afterwards, I made some preliminary sketches of the villains of this short story, “The Eradikor.” They’re a trio of space bounty hunters consisting of their leader Ruthak, combat expert Khani and mechanical operative Speezoid.

I also did some ship sketches and creature designs here.

Lastly, in order to get used to drawing Kip and Vanessa again while also updating their designs a bit, I made this illustration.

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