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@thesurrealari is it possible to hint towards the impending rain on page 3 (darkening sky, maybe a few scattered drops of rain, etc.) but delay the torrential downpour to page 4? I dig your idea of turning the page into the rain (especially if we’re in a mostly-full-page iconic rooftop homage) and I think the effect would still be preserved even if we’re starting to see evidence of rain. We’ve all been there – it’s just a few drops, it’s just sprinkling, maybe the rain will hold out…and then BOOM, nope. You’re soaked!

What is the information in 4 that you’re concerned would be missed? It sounds like we need the boss berating him and handing him work – I should think that would fit in one or two smaller, strategically-placed inset panels. Is there more here that you’re worried about missing?

Regarding the last page question of dual perspectives – we’re with Stupendous’s perspective the rest of the time, correct? If so, (1) what is the goal of introducing a new perspective in this page? and (2) is there setup that will prepare the reader for dual perspectives, or is this a complete surprise? I’m curious about this idea and would love to hear more of what brought it about.

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