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Todd Matthy

Here’s a Page by Page Breakdown for another of my stories.

Hole in the Sky Plot

By Todd Matthy


It’s morning on Asteroid X-616, floating around Venus. Kirby, the asteroid’s sole resident, is at his easel drawing. Another asteroid passes by where its sole resident, Rose, is tending her rose garden. A warp hole appears.


Kirby wonders what’s on the other side of the hole. Rose sarcastically says he should try to find out. Kirby says he’s going to find out. Kirby goes inside to work on a way to reach the hole.


The next day. Kirby comes out with a cosmic fishing rod. He tries to hook a meteorite near the hole. It fails. Rose giggles. Kirby goes back into his house.


The next day, Kirby comes out of his house with a cosmic harpoon. His asteroid comes close to another stray meteor. He throws the harpoon at it. He hits it but the harpoon doesn’t pull him along. Kirby is dejected. Rose’s meteor starts moving farther away.

Rose tells Kirby there was no way his contraptions would work. He’s not attached to them. He gets an idea.

The next day. Kirby shows Rose a cosmic grappling hook. He notices her meteor is farther away from him than usual. Suddenly Rose’s asteroid is being sucked into the hole.

Kirby fires the cosmic grappling hook onto Rose’s meteor and brings her to his. He also saves her roses so she can plant them. He goes back to Rose’s meteor. She cries out to him

Kirby waves goodbye to Rose as he and her meteor are sucked into the hole. Rose wonders what will happen to Kirby and if she’ll ever see him again. Kirby flies through the hole on Rose’s asteroid. Have him look like the Silver Surfer or any Jack Kirby hero for this final panel.

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