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@andresbriano I think that’s such a great, and inventive, way to present the threat. Can’t wait to read it.

Love the title. Song reference? Your story is so bleak and I love that about it. I kept rereading to see if I missed something, if they could get out, but no they knew about the bombardment and the kid will end as one of them. Love the Jaws effect of allowing the reader to build the threat of the monsters before they are shown.

Such a great reveal. Have you read Supercrooks by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu? The feel of this reminded me a little of that. I do have a question, if Bug-Eyes is a public superhero who is actually in charge of the criminal element, why risk his public persona to go into the prison to kill Lee, why not have one of the others who work for him do it? I really enjoy the brawl so please let me know if I missed anything.

“Parasomniac” is a perfect name. Definitely one that would get me to flip through it if I saw it on the rack or preview it online. Has a Brazil feel but that is not a bad thing. Will the reader be shown why the man and the woman are connected? Why is it her, in particular, who must help him slay the threat and, presumably, put his world back in order?

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