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David Shear

Title: The Crocus Tavern
Written by: Lyla Katz
Art by: David Shear
Setting: inside a high fantasy Tavern

Page 1: Splash page showing the characters and the exterior of the Tavern

Page 2: We are introduced to Hana, the Tavern keeper of the Crocus Tavern and given the following exposition: Hana is overwhelmed but won’t trust just anyone to help her run the tavern.

Page 3: Four barbarians break into the tavern and threaten Hana

Page 4: Kei, a young hero appears to confront the Barbarians but isn’t taken seriously.

Page 5: Kei quickly and skillfully kills the barbarian boss leaving the other three in shock but then they attack Kei

Page 6: Kei effectively kills two other barbarians and stares down the last remaining barbarian

Page 7: the last barbarian runs away scared and Kei drops to his knees exhausted from the fight. Hana rushes to get him a seat and some water.

Page 8: Kei flirts with Hana and Hana offers Them a job at the tavern. Hana suddenly feels a sense of relief that she will no longer take over the task of tavern keeping alone.

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