Reply To: #8PgChallenge – STEP 2 – Feedback + Plotting

Doug Wood

Series Title: Ultra Max
Story Title: Double Turn
Setting: Prison Cell, Prison Visitation Room

Page One: Lee Franklin arrives outside of the prison kingpin’s cell. He is shook down by a couple of goons.
Page Two: Lee meets the kingpin, where he receives the threat to propel him to take part in a drug heist.
Page Three: Lee sits at visitation where he is leaned on hard by the kingpin’s men and we see the mark he is meant to rob, Bug-Eye.
Page Four: Bug-Eye makes his way to the restroom to hide the drugs he is slipped. Lee follows closely.
Page Five: Turns out they were not drugs, but his costume. He starts a brawl with Lee.
Page Six: The two fight and Bug-Eye reveals he set up the whole ordeal. Lee is having trouble fighting Bug-Eye because Bug-Eye can fly
Page Seven: Down and out Lee finds a smuggled in pen.
Page Eight: Lee is able to trick shot the pen into Bug-Eye’s wings. Taking down Bug-Eye long enough that the guards can subdue him.

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