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    April 18, 2020 at 10:24 am
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    As far as your plot synopsis goes, at this point it seems a little too straightforward. Black Ice shows up, tries to rob a bank, Lavatasha shows up and ruins Black Ice’s day, ending with police arrival post-battle, Lavatasha flies off, the end. The question that you might want to explore is; why was Lavatasha in the area in the first place? Was she making a deposit at the bank, or had she been stalking Black Ice? Do they have some sort of connection that would link them? Maybe he’s someone she knows or cares about (or fears, or loathes), that kind of thing. These don’t have to be really involved, just enough to provide some rationale for the reader to follow.

    The story can’t be just the things that happen, it has to be the ”why” those things are happening, your characters reasons for doing what they do. Black Ice might just be a super-powered bully, or maybe he feels like he’s justified somehow in his attempts at larceny. Jack Kirby always tried to imagine each of his characters having a background, a family, a secret want or desire. Essentially, like real people.

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