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I like both your story ideas, the first one has a very clear and solid theme with life growing from death, though it doesn’t really go deeper than that with making me care for the wizard character. Is the wizard using magic in himself to grow the plant after his death? As in was he imbibed with the magic to help the plant grow and dying was part of his plan? Or is he desperate and fights thinking he is the worlds last chance? What is the goblins motivation? If they leave his body where it is to grow a plant it can’t be to eat him unless he takes them all out with him. They could be fighting over a spring, if this is in a desert, water would be really sought after.

The superhero one is much tougher, it gives me the feeling of being a metaphor for a lot of different conditions, from trans kids not being able to play sports or kids who have ADHD being really good with grades but suffering for it. I think if you had a clearer idea what the parallel you’re drawing is it might click better for you. You can end it with him playing with kids not for a team but just for fun, or coming up with ways to weigh him down to level the playing field and confronting the school about letting him play? You didn’t specify what powers he has and figuring that out would help you figure out your story.

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