Reply To: #8PgChallenge – STEP 1 – Story Ideas


Writer: Emma Farrow
Artist: Ashley Whitham

Concept: An alien vampire is unearthed in a ‘Treasure Planet’ meets ‘Atlantis: the Lost Empire’ style expedition on a supposedly uninhabited planet

Description: The story follows Samander, a salamander-like alien and one of the cooks in the expedition. She doesn’t care about the mission and she isn’t privy to the decisions made, she just follows the coin and does her best for herself.

Summary: An inter planetary expedition on an uninhabited planet discovers what they believe to be the fountain of youth thanks to a mistranslation. Their mistake will cost them their lives because this is no fountain but Remigius Lafontaine, a vampire which drinks from you to sustain his own eternal youth. Samander is just a grunt, hired to do a job and without a care for the educational or thrill-seeking aspects of the journey. It’s pure luck that Remigius takes a liking to her before he massacres the rest of the caravan.

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