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    Posted in the wrong section. Let me try this again.

    Concept: An inmate at a maximum prison facility for super villains, is blackmailed into robbing a rival gang.

    Story Idea:
    Ultra Max
    Lee Franklin vs Bug-Eyes

    Double Turn
    Lee Franklin’s cellmate is missing. When a goon comes with a message for Lee to meet with the kingpin, it’s clear where the cellmate is gone. Lee goes to the kingpin’s cell. Lee finds out if he wants to see his cellmate again, Lee will go to visitation and steal a drug drop from a rival gang.

    As Lee sits down at visitation, Lee is met by his contact. The contact slides over a packet with pictures of Lee’s kids for further motivation. Turns out the rival gangs drug mule is former superhero, Bug-Eyes. As Bug-Eyes gets up to go into the restroom, Lee follows closely behind. Bug-Eyes ducks into a bathroom stall to do his drug mule business. Lee busts the stall door open hoping for an easy pick. Instead he finds Bug-Eyes in full costume and Bug-Eyes power dampening collar removed.

    A brawl breaks out between the two. This was set up by Bug-Eyes. He was never the gang’s mule, but in actuality the master of his former super villain rivals. Bug-Eyes intends to kill Lee and his cellmate, as they were the ones who killed Bug-Eyes vigilante friend on the outside of prison. Bug-Eyes blasts Lee out of the restroom.In the frantic rushing of loved ones and fellow inmates, Lee finds a smuggled pen. Lee trick-shots the pen into the wings of Bug-Eyes. Causing Bug-Eyes to crash down long enough for guards to subdue him.