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Jarrod Elvin

Hi everyone, here is my story idea. I think it needs some work, but this is the basic gist because I was falling behind with the challenge. It features my original comic characters I use in my pinup art. I will write the story and create the comic artwork.

MickMacks’ Meatbucket MegaBabes
Fidget, Chemi, Dot, Fem Fatale, Vanessa, Daemiana and Scythe vs cosmic horror monsters.

Springboard: ‘The Virus Dimension’
The ‘Meatbucket MegaBabes’ are a group of female cartoon pinup models/interdimensional mercaneries/saleswomen. Travelling through different galaxies and dimensions in their giant spaceship, they are collecting information on the latest issue dominating galactic news;
A virus has taken over the galaxy, planet by planet. It causes it’s sufferers to mutate and meld together into grotesque Lovecraftian entities.
Interplanetary travel has been outlawed to prevent the spread of this contagion, which its origins are unknown. Everyone is forced, by law, to stay in their homes. The MegaBabes’ AI intelligence suggests that the virus is of interdimensional origin.

In their interdimensional spaceship, the MegaBabes travel to the dimension, between spaces of reality, where they believe the virus was spawned. Marvelling at the grotesque beauty of the Virus Dimension, Fidget picks a pretty flower that she has never seen before. Just by being in the Virus Dimension, they each begin to show the effects of the virus, and start to mutate.

Ultimately, they find the source of the virus before it is too late, onto which they unleash heavy firepower. They discover that they can’t vanquish the source of the virus, but they can stop it from leaking out of its own dimension and into ours. They seal the interdimensional gap and escape from the Virus Dimension.

Once out of the Virus Dimension, the MegaBabes begin to change back into their original forms. The AI intelligence reports that everyone who was affect by the virus is now clear as well.
In the safety of their spaceship, Fidget emerges with a bulbous head, evidently the effects of a new virus brought on by the flower she picked and brought back. The rest of the MegaBabes shout at her in anger as their own heads swell up.

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