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    April 12, 2020 at 7:37 am
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    Lavatasha vs Black Ice

    Cold Cash
    At a bank, business goes on as usual. Suddenly, an icy explosion occurs at the entrance causing people to scream. Black Ice, a black man wearing a sleeveless hoodie and baggy jeans, enters. Some security guards approach him and point their guns at him. Black Ice freezes the guards and walks toward the safe. Suddenly, the ice that formed at the entrance from the previous explosion starts melting as Lavatasha, a black teenage girl with lava powers, flies in (by shooting fire from her hands and feet).

    Black Ice shoots a blast of ice at her, but Lavatasha shoots a blast of lava. Their blasts collide and struggle against each other. Black Ice’s blast begins to win the struggle causing Lavatasha to withdraw her blast. He shoots more ice blasts at her, and she dodges them by flying. Flying towards him, she knocks him out with a flame-propelled kick to the face.

    The security guards handcuff Black Ice as Lavatasha unthaws the last of them with her heat powers. She flies away with a smile.