Reply To: Questions & Answers

Andrés Briano

Hey Buddy and Council,
Fantastic initiative! Kudos!

A couple of questions from my end:

1) When it comes to story, are we free to chose any theme/subject matter/genre? I assume there will be some guidelines as to what content you DO NOT want in it, right? Drugs, profanity, nudity, mullets, etc…?

2) What are the mandatory specs? 8 pages, original characters or public domain and Standard US comic page are clear. What about these? Color and/or B&W accepted? Rating (All Audiences, PG-13, R, XXX)? Any other limitation?

3) Has the total and final number of stories that will make the cut been decided yet? I assume that inclusion will be decided on merit by “judges”, correct?

I await your answers.



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