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This started as a challenge to get people who are not normally creativly motivated to get something done, lighting a fire under their butt’s so to speak. We are hoping to get a bunch of people inspired to do new things they haven’t done before and possibly enter the world of comics that they haven’t been able to accomplish previously; as a writer, artist, editor, letterer etc.

Because of that we are mostly looking for new ideas. I’m not sure putting a 4th or 5th issue comic fits with that goal, however that’s just my opinion, and I’d love to hear from the community if they agree? I don’t want to stiffle your ideas or works, that is the exact opposite of the goal. But the 8 page challenge is a beginner one at heart. So maybe see if there is a story or idea you have had in your back pocket for a while that might work for this instead.

But again, that’s just my opinon.. Let’s see what everybody else thinks?

Erin (AKA the Redheadeded)

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