Reply To: #8PgChallenge – STEP 10 – Colors


@philipspace — Thank you for your feedback! And I hear you about the color, believe me. I may not have explained myself correctly, however — this was a creative decision that was made by the author, @krisburgos at the beginning of the challenge rather than a time-constraint decision made recently. He has made the creative decision to keep the entirety of his “Teddies” series in B&W as he did with the first issue of this story(on his website). I had attempted to create depth through the crosshatching and selective shading of areas to reinforce the environment, but I do see spots I’d like to go over again with a few passes to get right.

I’m personally going to color this 8 page sequence as well on my own as I do want to challenge myself and reinforce the milieu of the story – I can post that up on here to get additional feedback as well.

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