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A. A. Rubin

Here are the ideas I’m working on in a bot more detail. As I mentioned before, the one I end up doing will depend on the artist with whom I, eventually, work. Artists, please let me know if you’d be interested in drawing any of these ideas.

Idea #1: This is a horror story based on a short twitter story I wrote. The original story is about 50 words, so I would have to expand it, but it gives an excellent outline for the story. I’ve received a lot of positive reaction to the story. It was read on a podcast for flash fiction. I think it would work nicely with an illustration that borders on classic horror and fairytale.

A forest so verdant it must be enchanted; an old well so deep she could not see the bottom; a wish made in haste; a coin thrown in anger.

Later, from the comfort of home, she hoped it wouldn’t come true, but, deep down, she knew it was too late.

Idea # 2: Fantasy/Western. The story starts with two wizards facing each other across a dusty road, in the classic, spaghetti-western gunfighters stance. “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us. It follows the classic tropes: tumbleweed across the road, squinty-eyed stare-down, the townsfolk battening down the hatches, etc. At noon, the clock strikes noon. At the 12th chime, they draw their staffs, and shoot. The magic from one hits the other, with all the pulpy description one would expect, and then–and here’s the twist, the wizards, still connected by the magic, start moving away from each other as everything in the town doubles–two saloons, too general stores, two post offices, two sheriff’s offices, etc–until the town is double the size. Now, the town IS big enough for both of them.

Idea #3: Horror-ish: The Devil’s biggest regret is giving his music to Robert Johnson down at the crossroads. Life in Hell is hard, and the guitar used to be his escape. Now, Lucifer has the blues, but he can no longer play them.

Idea #4: I have a number of narrative poem, and I’m considering two of them for this project. Now, the word-count would have to be smaller, since poetry takes up more space on the page, and if we want to restrict this to just flash fiction, I could do one of the previous three ideas. I’m not going to post a complete poem here, since it would count as being published and I therefore would not be able to submit them elsewhere if i decide to go with another idea, but I’ll post the first stanza of two different poems.

Poem 1–Classic Scifi

The sentinels protect us
From danger from above
They have no sense of duty
They have no sense of love
But their programming’s infallible
We know, our leaders said
It better be, ‘cause if they fail
We will all be dead.

Poem 2- weird horror

The monster lives inside of me
Deep inside my heart
You think I’m being figurative
But, really, I am not

Poem 3- Scifi

We live in peace and harmony
‘neath our alien overlords.
Life is pretty grand here
(Hail the Zords!)

Anyway, let me know if you’re interested in drawing any of these. I can bang the ideas out pretty quickly once I’ve selected one.

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