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This is what I’m hoping for:

1.An Intro Channel:
– A welcome board where all the relevant information is for new people, who we are a a community, what our goals are and how we plan to do this.
– As well as community updates (not events, or the like) but more info about schedules, Google hangouts, and the type of calls we have now.
– An introduce your self to the community space (as needed).

2. A learning Channel:
– This would have a board for questions for experts, and each other about making comics.
– Also a place to post suggestions and gather info like books, links, and “I learned this great new thing I wanted to share!” type stuff.

3. The 8 page challenage / Any other community challenages

4. Events, Calendars, and Cons:
– I think these should be grouped together for meet-ups, con’s and release parties when we get our community working.
– Also we could put our calendar/schedule for online regroups and upcoming “Video Interviews w/ Experts” and simliar online events in this section.

5. Promotions and job boards: (future stuff.. agreements should be made between individuals not in the forums but requests and offers could gather here?
– I don’t think we should allow anything on this job board that will leave us liable but we should be promoting getting like minded individuals together to make great comics.
– Also self promotion, to shout our own accomplishments and share our work with the community (outside the challenage).
– I will leave it open to the group if we want a place where we can ask for professional or community critic.. Maybe that should be in Learning? Thoughts?

6. Tech Support – I leave the details in Kevin’s hands 😛

I will leave it to the desgression of the group what we need most when.. ?

Erin (AKA Redheadeded)

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